Earthquake in Peru – Help needed

On Wednesday night, an Earthquake hit the south of Peru, reaching 8.0 degrees on the Richter scale according to the US Geological Survey. At this time, official figures indicate about 500 people have died, with 1000 injured, 80 thousand affected and around 12 thousand homes destroyed in the hardest-hit regions of Chincha, Pisco and Ica. International support has been flowing ever since, but relief efforts have been slowed because access to the region has been compromised. An air bridge has been established between Lima and Pisco for donations and supplies to be flown in.

The situation in Ica is critical. Hospitals are way over their capacity, there’s water and food shortages while there are still powerful aftershocks every once in a while.

In Lima, old neighbourhoods with houses built of adobe and quincha, fragile materials, have been crumbling ever since the earthquake. Although tsunami warning were called off, rising sea tides affected the seaside area of La Punta, flooding several poorer settlements in the area. South of Lima, the district of Cañete was hard-hit, with about 3 thousand homes being affected, and people spending the night in the streets for fear of further aftershocks.

In the critical Ica region, however, things are even worse, with the population turning to looting in the face of diminishing supplies. Lima has begun an intensive drive for donations of different kinds of supplies, including food, water, medicines, clothes, blankets, flashlights, batteries, utensils, tools, tents, and so on. Donations are also being taken for blood in several national hospitals, as well as monetary donations through several bank accounts (account numbers and donation locations can be found on this other post in Spanish). Different voluntary programs are organising themselves as you read this to provide relief efforts and support at the region.

International access has been established for donations at some places:

More news items and information can be found here, and a more detailed account of support channels can be found here, both in Spanish.



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